Warm-Up 1

Hey, it’s  new blog. I decided to move the blog devoted to my illustration work, formerly on Blogger, to WordPress. It seemed appropriate to open up a new site with a new habit I’m trying to develop- warm up pieces.

Normally, before I start working on whatever projects I have in front of me, I generally sit down and do a 1 hour warm up piece. These are quick digital studies of  landscapes, portraits and other pieces of artwork. The idea is about staying loose, keep moving and to avoid being held up by the minutiae of rendering. That last part is hardest when a warm up starts to look like a big old mess of tone. I want to further improve myself as a digital painter and these forced studies are providing excellent learning situations. Most of my work is a blend of graphite rendering and digital color/texture/etc, but I’m trying to close the gap between all of these mediums.

In working on the warm up pieces I find myself transported back to freshman year of art school as I try, more often than not in vain, to make something out of these exercises. I’ll be sharing them piecemeal, but maybe someday in the future I’ll share the whole lot of them. Probably when I have some decent ones to ease the pain of sharing my less successful beginnings.


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