New Studio!

Outside of the Indoor Rooftop Studio building.

Last month I moved my workspace from a spare room in my South Philadelphia home to a shared space in North Philly called Indoor Rooftop Studio. I’m sharing a space with awesome comicer and illustrator Christine Larsen, whom I’ve collaborated with on several comics. Christine approached me with the idea roughly 2 months ago and when I finally decided to do it we started the search with Christine scouting out lots of areas in the city.  It was a decision that made me a bit nervous since it meant adding a commute, second rent and losing constant access to my work, but I hoped added productivity and a saner home life would be the trade off. So far so good!

Christine installs our desk with help from Intern James!


There was a good deal of work done when we finally found a place. Our room was painted dark grey on 3 walls with the 4th a bright, alarming orange-yellow. There was some minimal construction as well. Christine had the great idea of building a wall to wall desk for our digital stations which involved using a large flat file, sanding/coating 2×4’s and mounting them into the wall.

I spend fewer hours working overall, but mainly because the ability to focus on that work is so much better. Now I can’t get frustrated with work and go do the dishes, hang out with the cats or watch an episode (or two) of Dr. Who in my living room. Instead, I’m jumping from one project to another when I hit a wall with a piece and doing more spontaneous sketching as well.

Looking forward to working in the new digs.



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