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Feratu Cover

November 7, 2011

An author commissioned a cover for a comic book proposal tentatively titled Feratu. There wasn’t much discussion as to the actual story, but she had a very clear idea of what she wanted and left it up to me to execute.

There was a good deal of back and forth over the sketches and the client was pretty particular about what she wanted. Sometimes it was more designy element in the hair, then less and so on. Thankfully she was pleased with the nature of the finish, so that was approved without revisions (yaaay).



April 29, 2011
Mmm. Glossy printing.

Over a year ago I was contacted by the folks at ImagineFX, a major fantasy and digital art magazine, about having my work featured in an upcoming issue. This is a magazine that I’ve bought for my own use, so I was pretty thrilled. With past contributors like Joao Ruas, Justin Sweet and John Howe I was proud to be invited to have my work on its pages.