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Dead & Dreaming, Press Release

September 1, 2011

For Immediate Release:

When considering an artist’s body of work, one often looks for the late greats, the other artists whom have had an impact on said body of work. But one rarely ponders the prose or writing that may have had an impact on said artist.

Howard Phillips Lovecraft (1890-1937), American author of horror, science fiction, and fantasy, has had an immense impact on the artistically inclined since he put pen to paper. It is obvious why artists who dabble in dark and macabre imagery have been touched by Lovecraft’s brand of New England terror for decades. Often thought of as verbose, Lovecraft’s long, in depth descriptions of architecture, landscapes, horrible flora and debased fauna verbally paint a picture almost as vivid as an artists rendering.These detailed descriptions in Lovecraft’s work truly make the reader see each tentacle, tooth, wing, and membranous head that stalks his writing.

And like the dreams dictating the artist’s hand creating a bas-relief of clay in the Call of Cthulhu, or the humanesque daemon photo-reference in Pickman’s model, one almost feels possessed, a strong urge to dip a pen in ink and illustrate the evil that is so thoroughly described in each story. And that is what artists have been doing since the publishing of Lovecraft’s work. In re-printed volumes, personal sketch books, mythos inspired film, games, and writing, Lovecraft’s work takes on almost a second life, a horrible re-birth by the hands of hundreds of artists worldwide, carrying on Lovecraft’s legacy, weather for print or pure pleasure, they keep the green, noxious flame burning in some burrow, tomb, or cyclopean vista just beyond the wall of sleep. This coming autumn, 20 artists depicting the stories and characters of H.P. Lovecraft will stoke that flame at Paradigm Gallery in the exhibit ‘Dead and Dreaming’. The artwork from this show will be collected in a volume also titled ‘Dead and Dreaming’, available at the gallery and online.

H.P.Lovecraft-Jay Bevenour
Wilbur Whateley-Michael Bukowski
The Horror at Red Hook-Eamon Dougherty
The Tomb-Tim Durning
The Thing on the Doorstep-Alex Eckman-Lawn
Pickman’s Model-Jen Gin
He-Justin Gray
Celephais-Kirsten Harper
Shadow Over Innsmouth-Rachel Harper Joseph
The Call of Cthulhu-Sam Heimer
The Temple-Jeffro Kilpatrick
Dagon-Christine Larsen
Shadow Over Innsmouth-German Orozco
Herbert West – Reanimator-Paul Palcko
At the Mountains of Madness-Christian Patchell
Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family-Anthony Pedro
The Case of Charles Dexter Ward-Rog Petersen
The Moon Bog-Joseph Querio
The White Ship-Paul Romano
The Picture in the House-Mike Wohlberg

Dead and Dreaming
Paradigm Gallery
2020 South Street, Philadelphia PA
Opening Reception: September 30th 6-10 PM

Hope to see you there!