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Feratu Cover

November 7, 2011

An author commissioned a cover for a comic book proposal tentatively titled Feratu. There wasn’t much discussion as to the actual story, but she had a very clear idea of what she wanted and left it up to me to execute.

There was a good deal of back and forth over the sketches and the client was pretty particular about what she wanted. Sometimes it was more designy element in the hair, then less and so on. Thankfully she was pleased with the nature of the finish, so that was approved without revisions (yaaay).


Beer Sketches

August 31, 2011

Beer is something that I’ve tried to educate myself about over the past few years – learning about the many styles, processes and traditions – and I’m in a great place for it. Philadelphia has an outstanding beer culture that includes top notch breweries, amazing bars and wonderfully knowledgable people within both. Over the years, I’ve read a lot about the subject and tried to relate what I’m reading to what I’m tasting. And after all, isn’t that the fun part? With all that in mind, I wanted to represent something of the history behind these different styles. The finishes may wind up being printed as labels and photographed as a group (super exciting idea), but for now I hope you guys dig the sketches.

A Fashionable Chap

August 21, 2011

Drawn to Letters 1

July 22, 2011

I’ll be participating in the Drawn to Letters show at Brave New Worlds later in the summer and got to sketching on my train ride yesterday. There was a long list of “U” words – my assigned letter – that I wrote to get started. One of them was “Understanding,” the above image is a fleshed out version of the initial sketch. It’s a pretty commonly used device here, so I won’t be running with it in the end, but I wanted to play around with texture here.

The show is being put together by the awesome art-show-curating team Chris Patchell and Concetta Barbera. Other awesome folk like Christine Larsen, Sam Heimer and Alex Eckman-Lawn will be in the show with awesome stuff.

Empty Churches & Homeless Priests

June 18, 2011

Weeks ago I got a request for sketches from Ioana Veleanu at the Philadelphia Weekly. The topic dealt with empty churches in Philadelphia and the hole they leave in the communities. Ioana generally comes to me with a very specific idea in hand and this time around she was adamant that the illustration feature a priest with his hand out, begging. I gave her what she asked for with some elements that I hoped would make the piece more interesting to me personally. Side note, that first sketch has a wireframe idea that I’ve pitched time and again hoping to get someone to bite but it never seems to work – I’ll use you someday wireframe device! –and this time was no different.

Ioana liked the begging stained glass Jesus figure, but thought it was too “controversial” and might offend people so she wanted all of the color to be extremely bright and colorful. To me this seemed counter to the message of not only the illustration but the article itself, but I obliged. It was killed at the color sketch phase, and so it goes. I hate having it happen, especially when it’s a color sketch. There’s definitely a part of my ego that  loves walking around Philadelphia and seeing my illustration on the cover of the PW for a week.